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Rayn was quiet all the time. The only noise she made was when she wanted food or something to drink. Plus, when she walked, she tripped over her own paws. I don't know if she had a head injury or what, but Saga seems to be getting pretty annoyed by her. She complains saying 'it takes to much space' and 'it eats to much'. But I don't know. Maybe she just hates cats. But Ribbon doesn't care, she's watching over the kit like it's her own pup. I don't say anything about Rayn, though. The kit lost its family, and during a time like this. I guess the least we can do is watch over it.
"It's time to go." Saga gets to her paws shockingly, with her hind leg in the air.
"Get on my back." I offer.
"I can walk." She grunts as she pads out of the cave, and stops at the entrance. She looks around, then slowly makes her way up. We're moving slower than ever now, and she refuses any helpI offer. I take lead, then Saga, then Ribbon carrying Rayn. I hate leaving Ribbon in the back, but Saga is to weak to be back there. I unsheathe my knife, as we walk down the road.
"How far are we, Saga?" I ask, between the handle.
"Hmmm…" She stops, looking at the sky. "About…a two or three days travel. But you guys are different, so it might be five days or six." She concluded, and sat down, with her leg sticking out at an awkward angle. I tried not to notice, but it was hard.
"Where is it?"
"North, in an old race track."
"Race track?"
"For horses." She said, anger trying to be hidden, but I could sense it. But that didn't matter, more time spread between us and the pack, meaning more time to get infected.
"Are there any south packs?"
"A few. They're small, and I don't have much knowledge on them." She said, kind of sadly.
"Where is the closest one?" I asked quickly, sheathing my knife.
"That doesn't matter, it's not on the path to the North Pack." She said, getting to her paws.
"You need someone to look over your wound, and maybe some southern pack could help you." I snapped.
"If it'll keep you out of my fur, then fine, let's go." She said, and started to walk sideways.
"It's in the woods?" I ask.
"Where else?" She snapped, as she slid under a fence, and padded on. I quickly followed, with Ribbon on my heels. She looked at me, worried. I tried to give a reassuring look, but it must not of helped to much, because she just looked at Rayn.

In the woods, the sun's ray could barley touch the ground, and the air was cold. I could hear Rots, trapped in thorns, or shambling around. I unsheathed my knife, and kept the others close. Saga told me where to go, but my paws always got tangled in something. My fur was full of thorns, sticks, leaves, and stickers. Ribbon had a scratch across her forehead, and a little bit of blood dripped onto her muzzle. She was trying to keep the kit from getting cut, I knew, but I still feared for her. I couldn't live without her, and what was I to do if I were to loose her?
Saga leaned on a tree, her breathes coming low and shallow. "You ok?" I asked, putting my knife away. She just nodded, and tried to walk on. As she was about to fall over, I caught her on my side. She fell to the floor, and I struggled to get her on my back. Then we were walking again. When we saw a Rot, we ran, knowing we weren't in any shape to fight. I prayed to who ever that every paw step wasn't our last.
And my prayer must of been answered.
As we passed some knocked over logs, we ran into a small village. But, we had to get over even more logs and sticks, that were about eight feet high. Saga almost fell off a few times, but I always grabbed her right before. As we landed on the other side, we were met with a new face.
"What are you doing here?" He snarled, baring his fangs. But then, he stopped. "Saga?" Her head slowly lifted.
Klang <3
I love him <3
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